Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Updates

Been another long while since we last updated. Been super busy including a personal trip to Oklahoma City and a wonderful meeting with the Keller family whose daughter Emma is from Binh Duong. Our two girls spent the first 6 months of their lives togeather and we know they will remain life-long friends. We also celebrated a birthday for Sophie's cousin Jack too at this birthday party! Our little girl has been battling the flu and pneumonia this week. She is improving and we hope that she will be ready to go for Halloween :-)
It is hard to believe that our girl has been home for just over 10 months. She has made such wonderful progress. The language is so amazing. She is right in line with the other kids her age and now is counting all the way to 10 by herself. She loves anything to do with art. Painting, coloring, play-doh. And now she is even into watching hockey with Poppa. There was one night she actually picked the Blues game on TV over Dora. Promise we will post Halloween if she is able to go. Regardless you have to see her costume :-)

Belz and Kellers

Cutie Pie...

Emma & Sophie sporting OSU cheer gear!

Orange Power with Mommy. Poppa's girls :-)

Playing at Jack's party with the trains

Of course can't pass up cake.

chest x-ray with a tad of pneumonia :-(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting Out After The Rains

After 3 days of non-stop downpours and about 5" of rain we made our first trip with Sophie to Rombach's Farm with our friends the Walkers to let the girls get out and frolick amongst the pumpkins. Sophie was loving the pumpkins, even saying "I love you pumpkins" and giving them kisses, but for some strange reason she did not want anything to do with the horse rides. We will wait until a few days before Halloween to grab the traditional Belz-gantic pumpkin from Rombach's. So far Sophie is NOT a fan of Halloween costumes or decorations at all, so it will be interesting how 10/31 plays out. We go all out :-) so see might be stuck to us like velcro that night.

Off to watch the Blues hit the ice tonight and a great dove dinner tomorrow night with the Dorris family! Glad the sun is finally shiny, and Noah and the arc went somewhere else down the river!

Gotta' love Fall!


Poppa in the pumpkins

Big smiles from the girls!

Mommy Photo Op


knee-deep in orange

NOT loving the wagon ride...

Lovin Rombach's

Yeah she had to kiss them

"O" and "O-E"

Just love this expression.......

My little pumpkin!