Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrating 2010

Well, after some delays, we are proud to our 2010 year in review as a family.
2011 is in the works and hope to share it sooner rather than later! Enjoy a 30 minute break from your busy day!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winter's End

As most have, our winter was very mild with little snow and limited cold temperatures. Spring has sprung early. We sit here in the middle of March with all the Redbud, Cherry Blossom, and Magnolias in full bloom. The days are longer and Sophie is ready to enjoy those extra hours of daylight outside in the backyard, roller skating or just being a five year old.

As she nears the end of the school year in May we are gearing up for Summer camp and the fast approaching first day of Kindergarten at St. Joseph in August. She is excited, and we as parents are just floored at how fast time passes. It seems like yesterday we met her for the first time in Viet Nam.  I hate to think about the day she heads off to college. She is already told us it will be Oklahoma State and her roommate will be Emma Keller! Ha! That should be interesting.

February was filled with birthday parties and trips. Trish and I went to Costa Rica for a week to attend a friend's wedding, while Sophie stayed with Mema and Granddad in Oklahoma. Modern technology like Skype and Facetime allowed us to see and talk to her each day. Remember when I was at camp as a kid and the only way to keep in touch was writing postcards and getting care packages. Those were sweet (especially the care packs) but nothing like seeing the smiling face of your kid on the screen of your phone or laptop. 

Art and music seem to engulf Sophie as her hobbies. She excels in school and has been attending a Kindergarten level reading and writing class since early January and her teachers say how well she has  adapted. 

Looking forward to posting more good family times as we move into April! 

Early buds

Hanging with friends at My Gym for a party 

 Zip line!

Enjoying a beautiful Sunday coloring on the patio.

Poppa and Mommy with a little R&R in Costa Rica

Camera level view sitting in the endless pool at the Villa Paraiso. Pool looks like it joins the Pacific at sunset. 

Our poor attempt at a heart. We love you Sophie!