Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help Holt Help Haiti

Holt is VERY active in Haiti in finding families for the children of Haiti. With the numerous earthquakes over the past week couple of weeks Holt is seeking assistance for the children of Haiti. While the center that Holt operates and thank God all the children are safe there is still a monumental task at hand. Over 10,000 children have lost their parents.

Please read more HERE and help out Haiti.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

And Now I Am 3!

It is really hard to believe that Sophie is now THREE. She has just turned into a little chatter box and Ms. Independent which is really cool to see. Her birthday weekend was really fun with family and friends. Friday for her birthday was laid back, kind of. We had birthday cupcakes at school and then Sophie made pizza for dinner followed by a "little" birthday cake. Saturday we  had her party the following day at Build-A-Bear with friends from school, as well as some other friends and cousins. Then for dinner we all headed down to Pho Grand for some "home cooking" courtesy of the wonderful owners Tammy and Michael. Sophie sported her Ao Dai and are more Pho than we thought possible. Overall a really fun weekend with our little girl, who is really growing up way to fast. Before we know it she will be in college! EEK! Too many really good pix, but below are a TON! Enjoy.  MANY HAPPY RETURNS SOPHIE! WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH AND THANK GOD EVERYDAY THAT HE BROUGHT US TO YOU!

Making pizza.

Relaxing in her new chair... little leather wing-back from Mommy and Poppa.

Welcome to my party!

Picking out bears to build from the party lady.

Hard to keep 12 kids attention for 1 hour but she did. Laughs all around.

Kisses and promises to love.

Some of my friends from the party.

Gotta have a Dora cake!

OH MY GOSH! She raised her hands the exact same way last year when the cake was placed in front of her too!

Mommy reads my cards while we open gifts.

We finally got a fam pic in all the craziness!

Left to Right : "Bear", Uncle Mike, Mommy, "Belle", Sophie, Grand Dad, Mema, Poppa, Cousin Nikki and Uncle Bub.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ringing in 2010 with Snow and Frigid Cold!

The New Year is here and we have been busy again! Winter is also in full force in St. Louis with bitter cold temps and snow. We DID have a snow last year after we got home, but we didn't take Sophie out in it due to her cold she had. So this time we were ready! It only lasted about 5 minutes because the wind was insane and only like 4 degrees (without windchill). Really a fun year to start with. It is hard to think that in one week she will be THREE!!

Braving it...

Yeah, she looks happy :-)

With Bear & Belle

Just the three of us.

Aye! Aye! Captain!


I did my own make-up!

Hangin' with some of my friends from Mississippi. Hi ya'll!

Happy New Year!

Another HUGE bowl of pasta courtesy of Nonni!

Feed the ducks with Mommy.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Past

We had a great Christmas! And the addition of the snow was nice too! Below are some recaps from our house. We hope Santa was good to you all too!
Christmas Morning stairs photo

Santa was kitchen and table, plus more...

Stockings PACKED!

Hand and foot painted plate for Mommy & Poppa from Sophie. A school project :-)

Tricia sporting her new Binh Duong Football Club shirt!

A Dora fishing pole! HOLA!!!!