Sunday, January 15, 2012

Celebrating the Birth of an Angel

5 years ago, in Viet Nam A beautiful young lady name, whom we never met gave birth to a little girl named Nguyen Thanh Hang. Thank you to this wonderful, selfless lady. Know that we think about you and honor you this day as well! You and Sophie's birth father are THE reason why we are blessed with our daughter!

It has been a great weekend of birthday celebration with our girl. Family in from out-of-town, parties, toys, cakes, more toys, really just a special time to celebrate the life of Sophie and the gifts that she gives us each day.

We held her party on Saturday at Bounce U, where she wanted to go with 20 of her school friends and cousins. After hauling in a ton of gifts and enjoying her Disney Princesses cake we went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant Pho Grand later in the evening. 

The other day she asked us, "Can I do whatever I want on my birthday?" well, yes of course (within reason though Sophie). Her choice on Saturday night was to stay up late and sleep on the floor. Pretty reasonable choices!

Today, was a day of kind of chilling out one, playing with her new gifts trip to the grocery store and a birthday dinner of her choice. On the menu was messy chicken drumsticks AKA BBQ Chicken, grilled carrots and butter noodles. We think she was asleep before her head hit the pillow in bed! 

Enjoy the weekend in photos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE, AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS! Mommy and Poppa love you with all of our hearts!

 Let's get this party STARTED!

Best thing EVER made....

Yep, I am five now!

 Go ahead....make my day!

Down the slide at Bounce U 

Thanks to everyone that came to my party!

My birthday party.....cake time!

Having a great time!

 Princess cake.

I'm a happy girl!


Opening all my cool gifts! 

Princess castle!!!!  

No birthday would be complete without Pho Grand for dinner! 

 I'm SASSY and I KNOW it!

 Mema and me.

Smiles with Uncle Bub. 

Chillin' with Grandad at dinner.

Gettin' after my birthday cookie. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Wishes

Welcome to a new year. A year that is filled with opportunities waiting to be discovered as the months unfold. From the three of us, we hope that 2012 brings health and happiness to you and your family.

We are so grateful for the blessings that 2011 brought us. We continue to just love watching our little girl blossom, form her personalities and skills. As a family formed through the gift of adoption, we have the gift of not knowing what Sophie's traits and or talents are. Since we never met her biological parents, we do not know what they were good at. Was her birth-father an athlete or a musician? Her birth-mom? What did she excel in? I think the cool thing is, we just get to wait and see what emerges out of our daughter this year as God will once again guide our life the way He has planned it to always be. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!