Friday, December 30, 2011

Long Time No Blog

With the ease of Facebook etc, the blog has been so neglected. Yep, we still stink at this, but it is a resolution of ours to update once per month in 2012 so those not of FB etc can see Sophie before she turns 30!

What have we done since Memorial day? Too much to list but will post some pictures to recap. Wishing you and your family a VERY happy and healthy 2012.

 Went to Chicago with the Walkers to visit the American Girl store on a girls weekend.

 Did a photo shoot at Faust Park

 Spent time with my Mommy and Poppa

 Enjoyed the St. Louis summertime

 Went to the cottage in Ludington, MI and saw the Badger

 Went to the annual international pumpkin party at the Dorris house.

 Was Minnie Mouse for Halloween.

 Spent the weekend in Oklahoma City with the Kellers and caught the OSU game.

Yeah, I even went to Disney World!

 I had a princess makeover day while I was there, ate dinner with all my favorite princesses too!

 Rode my FIRST big girl ride!!! Yep my bow was tall-enough to ride the Star Wars ride and I loved it! 

 Celebrated my 3rd Gotcha' Day!

 Celebrated Christmas with my family and friends.