Thursday, September 27, 2007


We are waiting for Holt to send our guidebook to us. It is really the manual on "how to adopt from Vietnam" step by step. So until then we have completed all of the finger prints and blood tests and everything is a snail's pace, but it is moving!

UPDATE: Guidebook arrived today through FedEx, so we have our "textbook" !!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

To The Doc!

We both went to the doctor today for our physical exams! FUN!! We have to run back in the morning for a TB test and a lab for some blood work tests. We have to wait for those results, which they said take about two weeks to get back. Then next week to be fingerprinted for the criminal background checks. We continue to fill out the 16 page info profile and other docs. That's about all for now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Not much of an update, but we go to our first Holt "information" class tonight. We will find out more about what to expect with the process. Step by step and day by day we get close to Sophie Lee or Forrest Henry "Hank" Belz. I can actually say I feel totally different inside. I know that soon, I will be a Mommy and a dream of mine will come true. Every night I have trouble going to sleep because I think of what our child and what he/she will look like. I pray that our baby will be protected and well taken care of until he/she's in our arms. I have had a few dreams these past few days about a baby and I often wonder what these dreams mean? I just can't belive this is finally happening. Will update more on thoughts and progess... MOM!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Right now, we are working on our home study paperwork. Just the typical items for adoption, like background checks, employment verification, finger printing (for immigration down the road) and other things. LOTS of paperwork :-( which will lead to the physical home study.

We actually are getting a taste of parenthood right now. We have Jonathan, who is 17 living with us until June. He is the son of Nancy who lived across the street until moving to California in May. He wanted to finish his senior year in St. he is staying with us. Hope to share more GOOD news with everyone in the coming weeks, but until then it will be kinda quiet.
Thanks to everyone for the kind words and comments! We appreciate them more than you know!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby Belz

Very excited! We have been waiting for a long time for this. Please pray for us and feel free to post whatever. Thank you- momma belz

Away We Go!

Morning! Well here we go with the adoption. Holt International finally accepted our application!

The question is what country would accept us since Tricia has had cancer? Well the Philippines wanted 10 years post and Korea 5 years. She will be 4 in March 2007, so Vietnam it is! We are very excited to be parents! Now comes the long process of paperwork, home study, more paperwork, approvals, completing a dossier, waiting for approval, FINALLY getting a referral, waiting some more and then the day we get to travel to Vietnam! We hope you will stick around and follow our journey!