Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Home Study Pre-Work Away!

Only took about 1 1/2 months to get the stuff together but I sent it yesterday to Judy FedEx overnight. Longest part was the personal information packets which were 16 pages of questions that each of us had to complete. Lucky for us we did not have to answer the questions about already having children. That saved 8 or 9 questions! The packets serve as a "get to know us" for the person that will be coming to do our home study. When we start the home study, we will also have to attend a series of classes called Parents in Progress, which will educate Trish and I on being adoptive parents. Next step is to have Holt verify the docs and then bill us for our home study. Judy said that she has hired another social worker so I think that we will see him/her. In the meantime, we can continue to read through the guidebook which is jam-packed with tons of information. I love reading the travel section, not just because I am an airplane freak, but from what we have read, it is good to plan ahead, because once we DO get travel approval -later on down the road- we have to give Holt our hotel info ASAP. Just think of all the frequent flyer miles we will rack up!

ALSO! For those of you who are our references, please be on the lookout for something from Holt International, for your completion. Again We thank you VERY much!

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Hey guys-
I finally made it! This Internet thing is sweet! Anyways, my warmest congrats. I love you. And as always,


-Uncle Mike