Monday, December 17, 2007

Jingle Belz

Puck being NOT so happy
The fourth annual Jingle Belz Christmas party was on Saturday evening. Despite the snow storm we had a great group of family and friends join us for food, fun and of course Santa Claus who made his debut at the Belz house for this party. We decided to migrate from 50-60 friends to a close group of friends, family and the children. It really was better this way. Not only was there Christmas cheer, and the weather to go along with it, gifts were shared, great stories told and looking forward to Jingle Belz 2008 we will add baby "Judy" Walker to the event. Our friends Mike and Ann Walker are expecting their first child in February. They are keeping the name confidential until she is born, so Tricia has affectionately named her "Judy" which Ann hates!

The "big man" shows up! Sorry for the darkness...

Trish and Mr. Santa Claus

Scott and HB IV


M is for Mama said...

Tricia - you look as beautiful as ever. Love that rockin' hair color! You go girl! Merry Christmas ya'll and hope to see you soon.
Melissa from Tulsa

Anonymous said...

Tricia, Your hair looks great It is almost your original color. But it does look great but then your hair always looks good except for when you had a red stripe.(Ha Ha) love you Mom

Anonymous said...

I think we need to put a santa hat on BJ I am sure he would look as ahppy as Puck does