Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movin' On Up!

In the past week, three families that we know of have received a referral which is GREAT news for us. Holt has informed us that we are number 12 on the waiting list as on today! So, we have made great progress in this arena. We started as 48 on December 5th, 36 in February and now 12 on April 24th! So, with that in mind we hope and pray that we receive ours by July or August. It may be sooner or later, it just depends on the children available and eligible for adoption through the homes that Holt works with and manages in Vietnam. So, from Baseball Heaven (AKA St. Louis) that is latest on BabyBelz!



Mom said...




brian&wendi said...

Sweet news!!! I just saw your note on the Holt forum and that is just awesome! I am so happy for you guys - number 12 isn't that far away.


M is for Mama said...

Sending good wishes your way!
Lots of love from Tulsa,
Melissa & Family

StaceynCorey said...

Such wonderful news! I can't wait to see when you've received your referral

Anonymous said...

CoNgRaTs! It's nice to see such progress...moving up the list so fast. Hopefully you'll get your precious Baby Belz before July or August with they way things are moving! Remeber we ONLY see the things people post on the boards... I bet there is a lot more happening out in the "real world"! LOL! We are praying for you!

BTW- I love the Baseball Jersey!!! Adorable!! Just too bad it's not the Phil's ;-)~ Well, I guess not everyone's perfect! LOL! (I am one of those rare Philly fans that loves'em no matter how bad they do! HA!)

Talk to you soon and good luck!
Rebecca (Holt Board Bud)

Jackie said...

Hi Guys,
My name is Jackie and my husband and I are working with Holt to adopt from Vietnam and we are currently #10 on the list. I have been reading the web forum for a few months and thought you two were in a very similar situation as us. Since we are so close in number on the list, I am assuming we will receive referrals at the same time. I am still very nervous of the recent events with Vietnam which make getting a referral soon very important. I was wondering if you guys would want to correspond thru email. My address is and would love to be able to chat with a family who is going thru the exact thing we are. We live in New Jersey and have been married for 5 years and have no children. This will be our first and only child and we are so excited. Hope to hear from you. Im nervous and excited as anyone can be and I am sure you are to. Talk to you soon.