Sunday, November 1, 2009

TRICK-OR-TREAT! It's Halloween Time!

Always a favorite around our house, we had a wonderful evening with Sophie and her first Halloween! Friends joined us and Sophie was excited to "trit r treat". Well that was until she caught glimpses of the huge spiders, skeletons and other ghouls and ghastly gargoyles that adorned the houses of the neighbors as well as ours. The shrills and screams that echoed from the wagon were funny....We only hit 4 houses with her since it was in the low 40's but she received plenty of candy from those four. Three even made her special candy bags which we thought was really nice. This morning she was like a pirate in a treasure chest with all her goodies. PlayDoh and accessories, goldfish, stickers. You name it, she got it! Below enjoy the pix. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!

Pumpkin Flag

The graveyard at 1058 :-) Looks even better at night all lit up, with sounds and fog.

Spider basket she got last year from Olivia Walker...Now she got to use it!

Yes, I am coming down the stairs.....don't laugh at my costume

Mommy and the Gnome!

Big smiles

What are we? Well we are OU Hoosiers :-)

Rollin' out yo! The Yard Gnome and Elmo! (Olivia Walker)

First house

Sweet! I scored CANDY!


Just saw the HUGE spider....trying to jump out of the wagon :-)

Special treats from wonderful neighbors!

Hope your evening was SUPER SPOOKY :-)


J and J said...


Stevens Family said...

OMGness, how cute is she?!?! Just love the garden knome costume!

What's an OU Hoosier? Is one of you from Oaklahoma and one from Indiana? College schools? You guys look great whatever an OU Hoosier is :)

Laura Gordon and Todd Provence said...

She is the cutest gnome I have ever seen!! I love the OU Hoosiers' outfits. I may have to steal that next year.

-Laura Gordon