Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Day That Changed Our Lives

Friday, June 13th, 2008. 4:47pm. A phone call asking where Tricia was. Still at work I told Judy who I figured was just calling to keep us updated on things. We were less that two months from the expiration of the MOU and as each day passed, one less day, one less chance that we would become parents. But when Judy said, "I have a little girl for you" my stomach dropped to the floor. As we talked an e-mail arrived. A picture and bio of the most precious angel in the moon, named Hang Thanh Nguyen. She was 8,895 miles away from us, but it seemed like 8 million. I so wanted to call Tricia and tell her, but had to wait until she got home. So, around 5:40pm she gets in. I told her, "come here I want to show you something." We walked into my office and I turned on the computer monitor. This picture
of a little angel popped up and I said "Isn't she cute?"
"Oh she is precious.", said Tricia. I looked at her and said, "That's....our....daughter!" And it was just tear central from here on out.
Never in our wildest dreams did we think that June 13, 2008 would be the day we were matched with our daughter. It was just a wow day and moment we celebrate and thank God everyday for. So, today we celebrate the greatest gift ever. We love you Sophie Lee-Nguyen Belz! Thank you God! Thank you Holt! Thank you to Sophie's birth parents.

Below is a link to the announcement video we did:


Anonymous said...

What a joyous day that was and everyday since we thank God for such a precious little girl. We often question God and ask why things happen but He had the perfect plan all along. He knew Sophie was the special little girl who would come into our lives. Sophie we love you and you have brought soooooo much happiness into our lives!!

Love you

MeMa and Grandad

everything we need is enough said...

That gave me chills! Hard to believe how much she's grown. Such a beautiful family!

Stevens Family said...

Yah, tear central is right :). Oh It's so fun to relive that day every year. Love how you broke the news to Tricia :)