Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Wishes

Welcome to a new year. A year that is filled with opportunities waiting to be discovered as the months unfold. From the three of us, we hope that 2012 brings health and happiness to you and your family.

We are so grateful for the blessings that 2011 brought us. We continue to just love watching our little girl blossom, form her personalities and skills. As a family formed through the gift of adoption, we have the gift of not knowing what Sophie's traits and or talents are. Since we never met her biological parents, we do not know what they were good at. Was her birth-father an athlete or a musician? Her birth-mom? What did she excel in? I think the cool thing is, we just get to wait and see what emerges out of our daughter this year as God will once again guide our life the way He has planned it to always be. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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