Thursday, January 31, 2008

Signs from God

Leaving the house this morning on the way to work, I saw this. Got out of the car and with the camera phone captured what I have never seen on this house ever before. See that house every morning for 4 years and nothing ever close. Now you have to see the whole surroundings to help explain what cast this image. No windows, or reflective surfaces near. I looked and looked and just was flabergasted. The sun is in the upper right so it is not from behind... I am not a believer in the french toast images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary in a glass window, but this is just plain jaw dropping. Notice the halo around it too. I guess it is His way of saying, yep, things will work out when and how I want. Just like everything else He has planned for the two of us. (CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR THE FULL SIZE VIEW)


mommabelz said...

This is something that is very welcomed right now for us. PRIASE GOD!

M is for Mama said...

I shared this post with my Bible study class. Extra prayers headed your way for a prompt referral and a healthy BabyBelz! Love you guys.

Anonymous said... that is so ammazing..u guys are in my prayers