Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Trip

Easter trip to Tulsa....Sophie's first experience with egg coloring was so funny. She really loved making multi-colored egss... and hands :-). The weather was super crud so the rabbit had to hide eggs inside! :-( Oh well.....our girl continues to amaze us every single day. Her language skills are just wonderful saying ABCs, identifying colors etc. She still loves to draw, but now is a huge Dora and Hi-5 fan. So enough are the pix..


My multi-egg ;-)

Wagon full of goodies

Cheeeeeese!! Headed to church

Lots of people here...I'm kinda shy at first...

Easter with Mommy and Poppa

Huntin' eggs...inside! BOOOOOOOOOO!


Thomas and Cathy said...

You have to tell us when you're going to Tulsa so we can road trip up the Turner Turnpike! Emma is a huge Hi-5 fan too! We watched it all the way to Stillwater and back yesterday on the way to OSU's spring football game!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had known...Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

Lauren just discovered Hi-5 a couple months ago. I sing and dance along with her!