Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun FIlled Weekend.....Oh Yeah, And I Have A Big Girl Bed Too!!

We had a busy and fun weekend as a family. Saturday was the always fun Wetlands For Kids Day. 2,000 youth packed Busch Wildlife on a sunny and warm day to learn about waterfowl and conservation. All kinds of fun things from live raptors and turtles, to a duck wing maze. Great learning for kids to get them out of the house away from the TV and computer and learn about wildlife and nature. I have always looked forward to taking Sophie and this year was fun. Sophie really was interested in the live raptors and loved watching the field trial dogs.
Saturday night we had a birthday dinner with friends at our house. The Walkers along with Mike and Kayla joined in and we had a great time closing out Tricia's birthday week.
Today, well we decided it was time to move Sophie to a big girl bed, so after nap time, good-bye crib, hello toddler bed. She loves far :-).
Lots of pix to see so enjoy!

Loves the ducks! QUACK QUACK...

Sitting in the Dig-Dig bucket with Poppa

Owls, WHOO WHOO, hawks and falcons...

All smiles and giggles with her "FOOOWER" in her hand.

Walking with Jack and Mason at WFKD 2009
Mother and Daughter

Checking out her new fishing fly for her hat!

Having fun with Poppa today....

Sorry Bear! I cut your head off!!

Poppa and Mommy

Olivia..Sophie calls her "O"

Poppa, Uncle Walker and Uncle Mike...yes the Blues were playing last night...

After dinner fashion show by the girls...LOL


Peaches loves it too!


Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Sweet big girl bed Soph! Rich loves the camo hat!!!

Thomas and Cathy said...

Congrats on the toddler bed! If we tried to put our munchkin in one right now, she'd never go to sleep because she would get up a zillion times!

Stevens Family said...

Love the big girl bed; very cute!