Sunday, August 9, 2009

Epworth Heights Welcomes Sophie

A special place to our family since 1956 Sail In cottage built in 1901 has become an annual retreat from the summer heat of St. Louis. This year, Sophie spent her first summer along the shores of Lake Michigan and she fit right in and really enjoyed herself, as did her parents. Our weather was awesome. Mid 50's at night low 70's during the day with zero humidity and a nice breeze gave us perfect beach time!
Our friends the Walker's joined us again this year with their daughter Olivia, departing St. Louis on 8/1 under the cover of darkness at 2:20am for the 9 hour northern journey to a place were the sunsets are among the best in the world (seriously) and the Blue Moon ice cream is a local favorite at the Park Dairy drawing locals and tourists alike who wait in line for ever just to get a taste. Another Ludington (the city that Epworth is in) attraction is the lighthouse and of course the S.S. Badger which crosses the lake twice daily from Manitawoc, WI to Ludington making it easier to get to Michigan versus driving all the way South and around the bottom of the lake. She leaves Ludington in the morning at 8am, returns at 6pm and then back across at 8pm. It is a place you have to experience to understand. So if you want to find a fun family spot look up Ludington for a summer trip. You won't be sorry.
We took over 400, yes four-zero-zero pictures, and we will share the link as soon as we upload them all. But below is a small but hefty dose of the fun days we spent with our girl. Tomorrow is back to the old bump and grind. We just have to wait 11 more months.............ugh!

Sail In

Family photo op, take 1

I love it here! minus the 30 mph winds today....

Pretty little girls.....

Park Dairy for some Blue Moon!

More...More! MORE!

Not sure if more got in her tummy or on the dress :-)

Poppa and Sophie playing in the water

Like Mother...Like Daughter. Sophie loves to do what Mommy is doing.

Family photo op #223 :-)

Mothers and Daughters

Ready for the annual Sail In Luau!!!

Loving the beach! Playing with her beach bum buddy Olivia

Yeah, she can write her own name in the sand! :-)

Jumping waves in the lake with Mommy

Here comes the Badger!

Lighthouse photo op with Mommy

North Pier Head Lighthouse

Badger steams into Ludington

The Walkers. They are expecting #2 in January!

Can't go to Epworth without a cherry dress!


Shopping at the grocery store in the children's museum

3 scoops of mint chip please

Always on the front door to remind you.

Taking it all in......ahhhh

Thanks again Sail In...Another special summer....

Greeting the carferry

Tricia teaches Walker how to do a cartwheel. Funny stuff...As Walker says, "you can't make this stuff up!"

First Epworth beach stop the day we arrived. Windy but a memorable moment.

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