Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tasting Vietnam and School

Summer is officially over in the eyes of the school! Sophie headed back to school yesterday. New class, new teachers and some new friends. It was a difficult transition as she was so very fond of Ms. Leslie and Ms. Dana.
They had her visiting a few hours a day to her new class for the past week and she seemed to not be very receptive. Not really eating lunch, etc which is not her. She cried as she was dropped off in her new room. She ended up having a very good day except when she was on the playground and looked into the window of her old class and saw Leslie and Dana. So we have one more milestone under the old parental roadmap.
Something else that has surfaced with Sophie on the medical front (if it is not one thing it is another!). While we have her under-active thyroid mangaged plus another rash deal whipped, Saturday she started to break out in hives on various parts of her body. So we are battling that now with some meds and hoping that they go away. Strange...
Saturday we had some friends over to celebrate our friend Scott's (Scooter) birthday. Trish had a wonderful Crab Spring Roll receipe and an outstanding pork dish that was devoured. The smells in the kitchen were unreal. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Trish churning out the Spring Rolls....YUMMY!

Peaches ready for some too!

Giving Uncle Scooter his picture in a frame she decorated.

Ready for the Goddard School year!

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Stevens Family said...

Here in MA, Autumn moves up to the next level at 2.9 years old so she's moving to a new room 1 month after arriving (next month). She seems to take the changes in stride but I know she misses her old school a lot (the one she started with when she first came home).