Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catching Up....

Been a busy past three or so weeks here with more travels, a brief illness with Sophie, a death in the family and so much more. Below is a photo montage of the past month.

Visiting Bear and Belle in Mississippi

She loved the kitchen Belle got for her

Belle, Sophie and Nonnie

Blessing from the priest at church

Night out with our girl

A trip to the Delta would not be complete without stuffing your face full of Nonnie's pasta with meatballs and gravy! Yeah she ate it all too..

Tea party at Bear and Belle's pool

Caroline (The God Motha') while the family was in town for Mimi's funeral

Neighbor's birthday party at Bounce U. She had a blast.

Holt family picnic in St. Louis. About 40 people came. Everyone LOVED playing with Sophie's colors.
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Down the BIIIIIIIG slide.... all smiles at the end.

Coloring with friends from all over the world. It was a fun day talking with other Holt families and letting the kids just play around.

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Stevens Family said...

Love all the great pics. Lots of fun this summer for sure.

So sorry about your loss :( It's been a tough month.