Monday, September 28, 2009

Mya Gave Me Money

Just a funny video from a few weeks ago. When we went to NJ in July to visit with the Duckers, Mya had outgrown a pair of her size 5 sandals, which Sophie in great. So we had told her a while back that Mya gave her those shoes. So now she thinks that Mya gives her lots of things!
Cheers to the Ducker family! We also need Mya to give us a few other things when she gets a chance :-)


Annette said...

That is hilarious!!! .... and too cute! :-)

Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

HAHA!!! What a little stinker!!! What other things would you like??? Would Sophie fit in 18 month jeans (adjustable waist)? I have a few pairs that are too short on Mya. I have some size 6 shoes also that flipper grew our of!!! Let me know!

Stevens Family said...

OMGness, that's just precious! Love it!!