Saturday, December 5, 2009

This Time Last Year

We began the most amazing journey that we could have ever imagined. We left Lambert early in the morning on 12/5/08 for our 10,000 mile flight halfway around the world to Viet Nam to be united with our daughter. A journey where we would meet some new wonderful lifelong friends in the Duckers, and share two special weeks that can never be duplicated. While we are so happy to be home with Sophie, we both so want to be on a plane headed back to that wonderful country and the beautiful people, and to re-visit those special places. Our fellow Holt Viet Nam familes are the only ones that can really understand that feeling we have inside of us for the love of that country that gave us the most wonderful gifts we have, our children.
It seems just like yesterday. Wow, how the time has flown by.Wow, how Sophie has grown in such a short period of time. She is still our little Binh Duong princess, but has evolved into a special little American girl. She knows.....she knows when she looks at the pictures and says "Poppa, Mommy, Vietnam pictures!" She remembers when she looks at the videos, as do we. So this day, we look back and remember this special journey of a lifetime that started oh so long ago with a pen and paper. An application. But not just an application. An application to find a family for one little girl half way across the globe who, was waiting. Waiting for her forever family to come and love her. To bring her home forever. Miss ya Duckers! Miss ya Viet Nam! Wishing we could be on a plane again back to do it all over again!


A photo fav of ours! We took a picture before and after each of the legs we had (four total STL-DEN-SFO-ICN-SGN). This is after we landed in Seoul from our 13:44 gate-to-gate flight from SFO. Trish was beat! It was really weird as we TOTALLY missed one night! We NEVER saw night on 12/5/09! When we left SFO it was noon on 12/5. Landed in Seoul the night of 12/6!

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