Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy First Family Day Sophie!!

One year ago today at 9:46am Viet Nam time, we became a family of THREE with our beautiful daughter who was born Hang Thanh Nguyen. She is know known to all as Sophie Lee-Nguyen Belz. What a day filled with every emotion possible and the most awesome day of our lives that we will NEVER forget!

Below is a video that we created over the past few months that celebrates our first year as a family. We love you so very much Sophie and we thank God everyday that you are our daughter! Take a 30 minute break today turn on the sound and enjoy the videos and photos.


Revisit the day's blog from December 9, 2008 HERE which is our blog early that morning,
and HERE which we were not able to blog until we arrived in Ha Noi.


Anonymous said...

what an amazing video. Words can't describe how special you are dear Sophie. You have grown so much this past year. You are defintely an angel. We are so happy and blessed to have you in our lives. We love you so much!!!!!!!

MeMa and Granddad

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! And I too want to say how special Sophie is. To come in to so many peoples life and to bless it like she has.Yes Miss Sophie you are special!!!! and we love you so much. Love Aunt Tam

Ashley Coffman said...

Beautiful video! Made my cry - such an amazing journey and a loving & beautiful little girl!

Valorie Leonard said...

What a great video! Happy Family Day Belz Family!

♥ Ambia Aziz-Suhaimi ♥ said...

Made me cry...It was such a good video...:)