Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Marches On..

It has been a long....cold....snowy winter in St. Louis. Old man winter is about to get a beating from the Belz! Keeping busy is never a problem for us, but finding warm things to do OUTSIDE is a challenge.....Snow play has been fun. Sophie was up to her waist last week in it. Today was amazing though and a nice change of pace. It made it to 51 so a zoo trip was in order. There was a black rhino born last week, but not on viewing yet, but there was also a baby Amur Leopard and Tree Kangaroo which was fun to see.

Sophie is getting ready to undergo major dental work in two weeks. One of the challenges with many internationally adopted children is oral health and Sophie ranks up there at the top. She will be having 14 fillings and 9 crowns....all necessary work. We knew it would need to happen as we could see the issues on our Gotcha day. Lack of all the vitamins, flouride etc we all take for granted was not available to her, thus.....4 hours of dental work :-(
So below are some photos of the past few weeks for us. Hey Spring? WE ARE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEADY! Oh, wait......old man winter is gonna throw snow and ice at us...Monday through Wednesday!


Silly times with Poppa

I AM a total ham though.....

Are you talkin to ME?

Petting the goats at the zoo is always a favorite for her.

My resident gray squirrel in the back yard....He's ready for warm too.


I....think....the....snow....was...YELLOW :-)

Fun in the snow.....

Snow "Angel in the Moon"


Driving home from school. :-)

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