Monday, May 2, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

We're back!! First of all we are so very sorry that we have went an entire 3 months without any posts!! We have had a busy 3 months. Sophie is growing up fast. She is now 31lbs and 38 inches high! She loves to sing, dance, gymnastics and be extremely girly. We are gearing up for summer and lots of summer vacations.

We spent Easter with Belle and Bear this year. Belle managed to deck her out with the beautiful Easter dress! Thank you Belle. And of course the Easter Bunny came to MS as well as STL and TUL, busy bunny. Sophie came up with 5 lip glosses, a pound of jelly beans 1/2 pound of M&M's and lots of stickers (that are now all over everything).
Sophie on Easter Sunday.
Growing up so fast!
Bear and Belle
The Easter Bunny hooked a sister up!
Sophie's egg hunt in MS.
Mommy and Sophie
Coloring eggs with Poppa.
Sophie has truly developed into a sweet little girl, but she is defiantly putting us to the test! She is very smart and tries to get away with a lot! It's very clever the way she will ask me for something and if I say no she will go to Poppa, ask the same thing, hoping he will say yes--It has yet to work for her! Sophie now just assumes she can't "have it" for example, "Momma/Poppa I can't have 2 cookies right?" hoping we will say "no, not right Sophie you can have 2". It's very funny.
Sophie with her cousins Jack and Mason
Sophie is a BIG helper. She has become very independent. "I can do it" is a common phrase of Sophie's. She loves to do her own hair, dress herself and tries to cook for herself. I tell her she needs to be 6 before she starts using the oven and boiling water :).
Sophie and Poppa working in "Sophie's Garden"
Celebrating my birthday at our favorite place Pho Grand
Mommy's birthday present from Uncle Bub- CARDS tickets!
Sophie gets her wildlife on with Poppa at Wetland's for Kids day!

STL zoo, "look Momma a snake--is it real?" "yes Sophie it's real and it's o.k. to stand and balance on it's likes it"
Punkie do's (Sophie and her Mema)

Sophie and her BFF Olivia Walker are very silly they decided to do make overs.
Here they stuff their face with marshmallows..
yes...i am a piece of work

What? You lookin'at me? I'm having a bad hair day.
Sophie loved the Alpaca farm.

Since the last posting, Sophie had major dental work done, which many other children that have been adopted from overseas have experienced. A total of 11 cavities and 9 crowns in one procedure, she looks great. It is the lack of so many things that most American children get such as pre-natal vitamins etc. that caused this. Her mouth is free of pain and her follow ups have been good.
We are looking forward to Mother's Day weekend, which also will be even more special as she will be baptized at St. Joseph Parish. Looking forward to having the family in town for the event. It will be amazing.


cathy said...

Yeah.....finally, an update! Enjoyed reading it! Can't wait to see her again (oh yeah and you two also!)

Stevens Family said...

What a fun update. Autumn is sneaky too! She likes to negotiate.

I like that you put a lot about Sophie's personality. I tend to put more about what we did and should write more about Autumn's little fun quirks. I so love 4. It's been a blast!