Friday, November 16, 2007

The Day After.....

We had our first home study last night with Judy. It was actually really fun. We already knew her from originally finding our about Holt 3 yrs ago and a few months ago at an informational session. We had great talks about being parents and just about how we were raised by our parents, plus general things about our marriage and some chats about T's cancer battle which as you all know has made us so very strong! Jonathan was also interviewed for about minutes since he is living with us.
The plan is to have Judy swing by on 11/23 which would complete the visits. She then writes the home study report. It is then sent to Holt HQ in Eugene or approval and translation into Vietnamese. Then, off to Vietnam for approval. Hopefully we can have all this completed by the end of the year. THEN the long wait of 6-12 months for the referral of our son or daughter.
We kind of sit and wonder if our child is already born? Yes? No? Wondering so many things. I have been reading Tricia's book Finding Katherine. Truly a wonderful read. We are studying so much about the country and the rich history there. So many of us only see Vietnam and the people through movies and photos centered around the war. Given all of that, it is interesting to find out that the citizens of Vietnam LOVE Americans and treat those in country like celebrities. "The Tall Americans", is how they refer to us. Vietnam is a beautiful country with a huge tourist industry. Sporting some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world, Vietnam is for sure a hidden gem of Southeast Asia. Looking forward to the experience of being there! Have a great weekend all! We are off to stalk the pesky whitetail. Tricia too. Just for kicks and giggles, here is a pic of T from last year's deer season!


mommabelz said...

Nice picture honey! This picture was taken at 5 a.m. ! Not to sure if I look like a glamorous mommy in this pic.

Hank said...

It's Ok T. Glamour is not part of hunting. Animals don't care what you look like :-) BTW Tricia passed he hunter's safety course this year!!! YEAH!!!!