Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mommy 2 be thoughts!

Hello all! Finally the soon to be Mommy has time to post something! While we were on vacation I had plenty of time to read and catch up on my thoughts. I read the book "Finding Katherine" by: Dr. Ellen Fitzenrider. I found myself caught up in each page as Dr. Fitzenrider shared her journey of adoption. She did not leave out anything. I could actually see myself in Vietnam experiencing the culture of this beautiful country. I find myself wanting to know more about the country - I craved the knowledge these books have to offer. I never wanted to learn so much about anything in my life. Dr. Firzenrider fills in all the lines with beautiful colors of adopting through Vietnam. I am more anxious now than I have ever been. I can not wait until Hank and I get to experience this. This vacation was exactly what I needed. I was able to regain focus on what is important in life. I am more focused on my job and why I get up each morning- it's to prepare for our child. I work and strive so I can take care of my family. Every decision I make seems to involve our child. Today we are one more day closer to Vietnam and our baby. Our home study has been set up for next Thursday! Things, for the first time ever, are falling into place. coincidence? I think not! Until next time--Chúa troi Ban phúc Tình yêu, MommaB


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, "Tình yêu" too. :)

Libby & Tim Riley said...

Good for you cutie! So glad that you are finally on the path that you all need to be on. That baby will be here soon - it's just the trials and tribulations of becoming a parent. The planning, the anticipation, the waiting, more planning and then FINALLY the event - the arrival of that baby that we all will celebrate fully with you and H! You are going to be a great Mommy! I know it!