Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hang Those Stockings By The Chimney With Care.....Hoping That Baby Belz Will Soon Be HERE!

Mom likes to needlepoint and has made tons of cool belts for me (hey Mom...time for another please after this...I am getting too fat for the others), pillow for T and various other things. For all of her grandchildren she does HUGE Christmas stockings. The picture does not do the size justice, but once we find out if we have a son or a daughter, his/her name will go up top. This is stocking number 7 and if God's plan works, we shall have it hanging with ours for Christmas 2009!

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Anonymous said...

God's plan WILL work, my son. It is a pleasure to be working on BB's stocking. At least I have some time to make sure it is perfect! My lucky #7 will sure be a blessed baby having you and Tricia for parents :)