Saturday, February 23, 2008

Helping To Save One Life and Welcome Another

Yesterday at work was STI Day, where we all receive our annual "big bonus" it is a huge day for everyone with Verizon Wireless as it is just another great reason to work there. From time to time they ask for stories about the work quality and with STI day they were looking for stories about our benefits. This is the story that I submitted and it made the front page.

Helping to Save One Life and Welcome Another

Hank Belz
St. Louis, MO

“In 2003, a few months after I joined the company, my wife, Tricia [pictured here with Hank], was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. After two surgeries, radiation treatments and numerous doctors’ visits and hospitalizations, she is doing very well and is four years cancer free. All of her bills have been handled by CIGNA with our out-of-pocket expenses being just the nominal co-payments. Without this wonderful coverage, we would have had almost $2 million in medical bills to pay.
“On a related note, due to her cancer, we are in the process of adopting our first child from Vietnam. The unplanned cost of adoption was something that was hard to handle, but Verizon Wireless is coming through again. In November, I discovered the Adoption Assistance program benefit had increased to $10,000 from $3,000. Coupling this with federal and state tax credits, we are able to fund almost 100 percent of the adoption. I am proud to be here and I spread the word about how wonderful our benefits are. Thanks, Verizon Wireless, for truly saving a life, and adding a family member!”

If you are unsure of your company's adoption benefits please ask because most have one and can significantly help in re-paying the costs associated with your adoption. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Congrats to Tricia for remaining cancer free! WOOO HOOO! You guys are very blessed!

It is funny how some companies are! You work for a major coorporation, I work for the government in the state I live, and my husband is a "county" employee in the same state. One would think "Hey, you are Gov't Employees, you've got to have excellent benifits"... and, we do, except with regard to adoption. The State we live in offers no benifits to it's employees who choose to Adopt, in fact they will not even approve sick time usage (of which I have accrued over 4 months) during Family Leave. I am being forced to exhaust my vacation time (3 weeks) and then use unpaid leave.

It amazes me how different the rules can be...count your blessings...

StaceynCorey said...

I just told my husband that he needs to consider a career at Verizon! We get $2K toward our adoption which is better than nothing but $10K sure would be nice. They really seem to take great care of you.