Friday, February 15, 2008

Prepare to come about!

Talk about a change in direction. Holt has now changed course in the adoption process. Normally we would be doing what we have been, waiting on referral and once matched we would start on our dossier. Now they are wanting us to complete our dossier ASAP and get it submitted. Well that sounds easy enough, but now the mad dash to compile the following:

-Employment letters
-6 passport photos each

-Doctor's letters
-I-600A approval letter

-Passport copies

-Home study

-Family photos and home photos
-Police reports

-Application reference forms
-Application for adoption
-Acceptance of referral forms

-Marriage certificate
-Kitchen sink :-)

Yeah not a problem right? Well then 99% of these have to be notarized (has to be valid for at least 12 months) AND state certified. Which means that we had to send our marriage certificate to Oklahoma City. The rest are sent to Jeff City. Sounds fun right? Sure it does! Some of the application reference forms and commitment forms do not need to be filled out since they are in Vietnamese, but we have to sign about 12 times. So, we are doing well in getting these compiled. Doctor (PCP) is proving to be a pain in the rear. The little snooty girl behind the frosted glass sliding window says they do not have a notary...please....Dairy Queeen has a notary! Now I have to go up there are throw some of my persuasive personality on her! Great way to spend a Friday morning. Hope to have all of this ready to go to Holt in Eugene, OR by mid to late next week.
Oh, yeah so what is the dossier? Well it is basically our life application which is given to the Vietnamese government presenting the Belz and our qualifications to become parents! That is all for now. Headed out the door to the doctor's office and rattle some cages....Great weekend to everyone...

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