Saturday, February 16, 2008


Actually we are almost ready to send everything off! Just waiting on the two employment letters which we will have on Monday. After those are in-hand we will run everything downtown to be state certified. Found out by calling Jeff City the US Customs building does it too. Only $10 per document (cap of $100 for adoption in MO) Oklahoma was $20 per document for certification and those landed in the FedEx plane last night! Everything is working smoothly. Dossier will be off to Holt TUESDAY who will check it for accuracy and then send it off the the Embassy of Vietnam in San Francisco for authentication. Here are 5 of the 6 pix used for dossier. House one was not on the CPU so I couldn't post that.

Aunt Tricia and Jack

Jack and Uncle Hank

Us from the DR this year

HB, TB & JP from Labor Day

ERAC Holiday Party

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