Saturday, June 7, 2008

The clock...

Time normally flies by when you are having fun. We continue to to patient through this situation awaiting SOME good news about the MOU or word from Holt about the current situation. The problem is that things just are not moving at this point. No referrals of children to families no updates from negotiations, so to say the least time is moving, but that is a scary thing for the two of us. The clock is ticking closer to the deadline in September.
Referrals normally come in batches, which there have not been any in a while. We are hoping that in the next batch our two, we will find our son or daughter. But until then we continue to wait this out trying to do things to keep us occupied.
We thank all of those people who are supporting us through contact with your state reps in hopes that we have influenced them enough to get some temp agreement in the works, something that can pave the way to a new MOU.

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