Thursday, June 19, 2008

The "P" Word

Yep "P" for more paperwork that has been finished and on it's way to Holt in Oregon. Monday we sent off the transmittal document via fax and the Special Power of Attorney left on Tuesday! (story on this part in a bit) . Today we sent off the new docs from the child acceptance pack that came last night at 6:00pm. Last part ships in the morning before I head to Boston to watch the Cardinals clobber the Red Sox this weekend (WOOHOO!). Honestly, there is more paperwork than anything I have ever seen! I have special color coded folder system in my office at home, with everything nice and neat, so that I don't get that one document lost or in the wrong place. It panics me to think about loosing something that could delay Sophie coming home by one day.
So, more about the special POA story. Tricia and I go to our bank on Monday night to have the POA notarized. It also has to be State Certified, so I drive it downtown Tuesday morning and get there at 8:45am. One of the ladies remembers me from the dossier fiasco CLICK HERE. She told me it would not take long and it didn't! Four minutes maybe......TO REJECT THE DOCUMENT...The signature of the notary (same guy who did the dossier mess up) on the POA did not match the signature on file with the State of Missouri. So, at this point I am first off angry as all get out at the notary and about to break down in tears because I am thinking that I will have to all the way back home, print out a new POA, have Trish sign it that night and redo the notary at another place and return downtown the next day. Well I told the girls at the office if there was a way around it and they made some phone calls and there was a special form that I had to fill out and attach to the notarized document before they would State certify it. Crisis averted!
Well I had to go back to the bank and give this notary guy a piece of my mind. He had already delayed our daughter coming home by 3 days with the dossier mess up and almost caused us one more. So I calmly explained his error, reminded him of the previous errors with his lack of notary skills and then pulled out Sophie's picture and told him to look at her. This is our daughter who you have delayed in coming home to be with her forever family. Well, I think that really hit home with him as I was again nearly in tears.
Later I called the St. Louis Director over the branches for US Bank and told her what happened and just asked that she make sure he gets help on notarizing docs so as to not have this happen to other people. Anywho, that is the news. Sorry for the long rant session!



J and J said...

Feels great to be done with the paperwork. Now into the "wait" We had a few mishaps along the way but not from the same person :)I keep telling myself 5 months is nothing compared to the years we waited to have a child.

StaceynCorey said...

Ugg, I feel for ya. I remember how frustrating it was getting all that stuff together and having a notary that doesn't do things right sure doesn't help. Glad to hear you got it all done and on it's way to Holt.