Sunday, July 13, 2008

All Quiet.......

Relatively speaking it is. Right now no news is good news as we await the approvals on our dossier and Sophie's from the MOJ in Ha Noi. We did get word from Holt on Friday that our Special Power of Attorney was rejected by the MOJ due to something that was illegible. We are not sure what that is, so we have to redo that piece, have it notarized and state certified again which means another trip downtown where if your meter expires for one minute, the cops are like buzzards waiting to put a ticket under your wiper. I have receive TWO there. One each time. One was expired for 2 minutes, the other 5 and this time I was coming back down to feed it again. Oh well. I will bring a roll of quarters this time. Anywho, we will do this on Tuesday and FedEx it back to Holt. They said it should not hold up anything with our approvals if we get it back this coming week.
So for now we are looking at hotels in Saigon and Ha Noi, budgeting that is fun. Looking at the Somerset Ho Chi Minh City in Saigon and either the Ha Noi Elegance 3 or Somerset Grand. The Somersets are apartments basically with 2 bedrooms, kitchens, laundry living room, etc. But REALLY nice. If you have one here it would be $300-$400 / night easy. Look em up. They are really cool. So for now that is all!


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Anonymous said...

The paperwork aggrevation never seems to end does it?? Geez! Well hope you don't have any issues with the notary this time! He should be an expert by now!

Jackie in NJ