Monday, July 28, 2008

Back At It!

Back home after a nice vacation. No news while we were away, which is good! We just hang here and wait it out and keep on preparing things for Sophie! We are working on our hotel choices for Saigon and Hanoi. There are a ton of options, but we need some room to stay for two weeks, so the serviced apartments in both cities are looking good! Showers are being planned, in September and October for St. Louis and in Tulsa (Tricia's family is there). So, that is about it! A few photos from the trip are below:

We spent a great day with the Hognon crew (My sister Diehnee's family) minus Sarah!

TSB, Spicy, and HB

Epworth sunsets at the cottage....something special

The Walker family who joined us this summer!

BIG BOAT!! MORE FUN!! She crosses to Ludington 2x daily from WI.

Another spectacular sunset seen from the porch.

The cottage in our family since 1956. I have never missed one year since I was born.

Ludington lighthouse. Our cottage is to the left on the beach.



Thomas & Cathy said...

Wow, the cottage deal is impressive, since 1956? I think that is sooo cool! Thomas

Anonymous said...

The Walker's love Michigan!!! Can we go to Park Dairy tonight?