Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Trish received an e-mail today from Holt letting us know that our dossierhas been approved by the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and will now be en-route to the Binhh Duong Deparment of Justice (DOJ). MOJ is the federal level of government whereas the DOJ is the provincial government where Sophie is now living. Even though our dossier has be in VN since March, approvals did not begin until after we were matched with our little girl.
Next steps will be:

1) Holt Viet Nam office submits our I-600 with the required child documents from the DOJ to the CIS (US immigration) in Viet Nam.

2) The MOJ receives Sophie's dossier from the DOJ and approves it.

3) Local People's Committee gives approval.

4) Wait for CIS approval of our I-600.

To say the least it is so refreshing to see this progress faster than we had anticipated when we started. Here is praying for continued quick approvals so we can jump on that westbound plane to hold our precious Sophie!



Anonymous said...

Great news things are moving along quickly. Sophie may be here before Thanksgiving. I guess I better hurry and get her blanket finished. We will continue to pray for quick approvals so Sophie can be here with her family very soon!!!!!!! Love you so much Grandama and Grandad

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES!!! SO EXCITING! HOPEFULLY SHE CAN ARRIVE HERE VERY SOON! I can't make blankets but I can buy here stuff at GAP baby.


Cousin NIkki

Anonymous said...

My excitement is becoming more and more as each day gets us closer to meeting Miss Sophie! What a lucky little girl she is to have such a loving family waiting for her.
Guess I had better get her needlepoint Christmas stocking in high gear. No excuses.
Sophie is in the good hands of the Lord and keeping her safe until you, her parents are able to do so.

Sophie's Moots

Anonymous said...

How refreshing to hear some good news! It will be a sweet day when the neighborhood can welcome her to our street!