Sunday, February 15, 2009

Art and Randoms

Well here is a brief summary of the past events. As those in the Midwest know, temps have been up and down. 78 to darn right stupid cold. When we get the chance Sophie is begging to go outside. Thanks to Aunt Diehnee and the Hognon clan, Sophie can motor around in her Cozy Coupe! We hit the neighborhood last week and she had a blast with push help from Mommy and Poppa.

Sophie is just loving her school. Last week she followed Mr. Andrew the cook around until he gave her a 'high-5"...Nice job Sophie Lee!!! Still not too fond of gym class though. She is walking so well now and beginning to semi-run. Most of these kids were held so much in Vietnam that they are late walkers. Sophie is one, but is doing great! Language is moving. She can through together two words like "Up please". It may not sound 100% but we know what she means.

Valentine's Day was fun. Sophie gave Poppa one of her modern art masterpieces. Titled "Kiddie Camo" it now hangs in Hank's man cave along with all of his dead animals. Actually it is the best looking thing in the whole room!!! The three of us hit Pho Grand for our V-Day dinner and gorged ourselves on great VN food! All is well with the three of us. Everyday we thank God for this little angel that he has blessed us with.


BEEEP!! BEEEEP!!! BEEEEP!!!! Vietnamese traffic style :-) Her poor little legs can't touch the ground yet!! LOL

At work on Poppa's painting.

The final piece....

"Poppa's Girls" ready for a night out on the town!


Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Love the new wheels Sophie!!! The painting rocks!!!! U should have painted it with your Pepe Le Pew hat on!!! WE WE!!!

Libby said...

LOVE the painting! Great job, Sophie! That's a keeper for sure! XOXOXO

Stevens Family said...

Love her little car. Looks like so much fun. I bet Daddy just loved Sophie's painting. Very cute idea.

Nita said...

Great blog! Sophie is adorable