Friday, February 13, 2009

A quickie, more this weekend

For all of you faithful blog ya go! Sophie has her first Valentine's Day party at school today and I had to take pictures of her and her snazzy outfit.
We have been having a great time. Sophie loves school, but is still getting used to the fact that Momma and Poppa leave most days. She cries a little in the morning, but when she gets to school she is ready to go. She has a best friend already, besides me of course, her name is Jordan. Jordan is actually smaller than Sophie, but is a firecracker! She is so cute. Sophie and her hold hands throughout the day and they even hug bye! It's so fun to walk into school and get a quick peak at Sophie playing with her friends. However, when she sees Momma or Poppa it's drop everything and run. She loves to see us when we come to pick her up--Thank God!
I have posted some other pictures of Sophie with Jacob and Kim- very good friends of mine. We had lunch with them last week and Sophie LOVED AUNTY KIM.. and she wasn't shy with Jacob either.
We took her to Incredible Pizza last Saturday--obviously people do NOT go there for the food. Incredible Pizza gave Momma and incredible stomach ache! But Sophie had fun... pictures to follow soon.


Anonymous said...

thks for the update...miss the daily rushes, but know u all are busy now...glad to hear and see that all are well...Love ya Aunt Sue

Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Sophie looks so happy! So glad she is loving school! What a big girl! Miss u guys!

Stevens Family said...

Sounds like Sohpie is doing very well at school. How cute about her little friend :)

Destiny said...

Um It's sunday.. where is the more that was promised!!