Monday, February 2, 2009

Living Life At Warp Speed

We know, we know! Been bad about the updates! We are doing well and Sophie is just having a blast. So much going on as of late too!
School is fun for Sophie, she really enjoys it and especially the creative arts and music classes. Not to fond of gym class since A) the teacher is a guy, B) she just can't run yet like the other 2 year old kids. But all-in-all the teachers love her and says she is just a joy.
We had a few parties to go to, including a double header with our friends the Schapers and then the Dorris family invited us over for wonderful pot stickers and a belated birthday celebration for Sophie, complete with a cupcake tower, and all.
We had our first significant snow last week and Sophie was in awe. She went to the window and just gazed out pointing. It was the same day that she also help Mommy with her first batch of those yummy chocolate chip cookies.
We also have some late pix from Tricia & Sophie's Tulsa trip. Enjoy!

Thanks to the Dorris family!!

Eating my cupcakes... YUMMY!

The Tower

At my first college hoops game with Poppa. She had a blast! Nice look with mouthful of raisins.

Trish in Tulsa with her friends and their little ones.

Innocent look....

Riding the carousel at the Schaper's party

Hey! I remember how to do this! Sittin' on the hog with Uncle Bub.

Making cookies with Momma.. The hat? She wanted to wear it.



Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

You all look great!!! Send Aunt Jackie a batch of those cookies Sophie girl!!!! Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks tric(wink...wink)
Aunt Sue

Duda Family said...

Just wonderful to see how great Sophie is doing. She is just beautiful! :) Love, The Duda family

Stevens Family said...

Sophie is doing so well. Love all the great pics. Looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip together.