Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anniversary With The Blues!

Sunday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary as a family taking Sophie to her first NHL game featuring our very own St. Louis Blues and those nasty Minnesota Wild. It was the perfect time to take her, an early 5pm start. Sophie has learned to root on her team with Hank pumping her fist when he says LET'S GO BLUES! And when he asks her what she thinks about the the other team, like "Hey Sophie, what about Minnesota?" She gives a thumbs down and sticks her tongue out making the PPPPPPFFFFFFT noise.
So she loved every minute of the game, minus the 500 decibel horn that went off 5 times when the Blues scored. She even made it on the jumbo tron, full face shot! We are working on getting that video from the Blues folks.
We also had our 3 month visit from our Holt social worker last night and she was just amazed at how well Sophie is doing and at her level of vocabulary and intelligence for being 2! Of course we take ALL the credit as parents :-). Our next visit from Holt is in June, so it will be fun to see where she is then! Below are the pics from Sunday at the game. LET'S GO BLUES!!!!

Ready to cheer in my pink Blues gear thanks to Deni Allen of the Blues! Sophie is proud to wear the Blue Note on her chest!


Mommy and Sophie love cheering on the Note!

Father and Daughter moments.....watching the Blues on the power play.

Our family photo


Stevens Family said...

you guys are such a sweet family :) What a great way to celebrate your anniversary. Looks like a blast.

J and J said...

Such a cutie. Her hair has grown so much!:) So cute!
I love the family photo. This is a common picture for us as Sam tries to grab the camera.
Happy Anniversary!