Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well the language thing is in full force, new words every day with Sophie. Honestly we never thought she would catch on this fast. We are learning that she is so very smart and understands most of what we say. The obvious NO from a two year old. 90% of the time it is English 10% in Vietnamese. But here in the past few days, she now can say her own name when you ask her. It sounds more like YO-FEE but hey! We take the small steps. When her what my name is, she says Poppa and the same with Tricia it is Mommy or Momma. Below is a video of her this evening drawing on her aqua doodle. She LOVES to draw and paint.


Stevens Family said...

Awe, very cute.

I'm thinking we'll have to get Autumn one of those Aqua Doodles. Very cool.

J and J said...

Too Cute! We are dying for Sam to say his name. He will say almost anything else but that. She is too cute!

Libby said...

Yo fee - WAY TO GO GIRLFRIEND! Keep up the good work! We miss seeing you!!! XOXO