Saturday, March 14, 2009

Naw Naw visits..

Sorry these are a couple weeks late. My best friend Crystal, whom I have known for 18 years, came to see Sophie. We had the best time. We spent all day Friday doing girl things like shopping and the Magic House. Sophie LOVED the Magic House and did not want to leave. Saturday we just played around the house and Sunday we went and rode the carousel at the Mall. Sophie calls Crystal Naw Naw and the funny thing is, Sophie thinks Naw Naw means donkey! I often say the word donkey and Sophie repeats with Naw Naw----a few hours later she was pointing to Crystal and calling her Naw Naw and well the name has stuck. It was so great to have her visit we even got some time in on Friday night for ourselves. It was a great treat for Mommy and Sophie too. We miss you Naw Naw
All hail the princess!
Oh Mommy!
She loves to shop!
And shop!
So fun!
I love Naw Naw!
See Grandma Smith I can play too!
All aboard!
The Magic House is fun!BFF's!

Sophie and Naw Naw!

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Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Sophie has quite a licker!!!! Love the video!!! Miss u all!