Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Is FINALLY Here

Well, its been a while since we posted some new pictures and talk about our little girl. We have had a busy weekend. The weather has finally changed over to a constent flow, no more of this 83 one day 44 the next. Sophie is really enjoying the outdoors! We know she got here to St. Louis in the heart of winter, and said, "What?'s cold here!! Its nice to see her in warm weather clothes again! Our girl is growing up so fast! She loves her new slide, thanks to a hand-me-down from YaYa and crew!

My future's so bright...

Helping Poppa plant the flowers!


I Love my new slide!

Taking time to stop and smell the flowers!

Spicy and her buddy...well kinda...the have this love/hate relationship

Playing with bubbles. She thinks its mandatory when she goes outside.

Waving bye-bye to the airplanes! She is fascinated with them...she says..airmlane.

We had a nice dinner with Mimi last night.


Anonymous said...

She sure is having fun with Mommy and Papa. She seems so happy being outdoors. We can't wait to get back up there again. Hopefully it will be warm enough to be outside a lot and enjoy her wagon and new swimming pool from Uncle Bub. Along with her slide and swing set she won't ever want to come in.

Love you

Grandma and Grandad

Anonymous said...

A whole new world of spring for Sophie. Looks like she has been busy.