Friday, May 15, 2009

Tomorrow....Baseball Heaven Adds Another Angel

Yep...she will officially be part of "THE CULT" effective tomorrow. For those who are familiar with the STL, we love our baseball and the boys of summer are out in full force again! Tomorrow will be Sophie's first Cards game, nice and close to the field, just like it should be! So.....for those that do not know, St. Louis is called Baseball Heaven see the above, because the people here live, eat, sleep, breathe and die Redbird baseball. Fans here know their summer ball and are passionate to see the "Mang" #5 and crew win that 11th World Series title. Its that time of year when from April thru October, Sophie's Great Grandmother (Mimi) is plastered to the TV screaming "HOT SPIT" as the Cards battle it out!
Soph' loves her hockey too! We took her for pizza last night, and there are loads of Blues pix around the restaurant. She pointed and says, "BLUES Poppa" and gave us her "Let's Go Blues" fist pump...Now we have to teach her our anti-cubs (lower case 'c') chant! :-).

The "Mang" and Lidge...Houston residents should be WAY to familiar with this shot. :-)


Libby said...

Have a good time! Hope Sophie enjoys herself! Bring home a winner?

Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

Poor Sophie.....she has no clue that the Phillies are actually the best baseball team! You are brainwashing her! Hey Tricia, when we go back to visit Vietnam can Hank and Rich spring for the freakin Grand this time?????