Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Table Rock Weekend

A nice family trip to Table Rock Lake this past weekend with Mike and Kayla. Sophie's first adventure on a boat (that we know of) went well.. She loved it. After just 5 minutes of our run she was asleep on the back bench! The swimming in the lake was a different story. Water was a tad cold and she lasted about 2 minutes.
The weather turned to crud on Sunday and Monday so we hit Branson, went to the freaky zoo there and just bummed around town. Sunday night there was a break in the weather and we were able to hit the lake on the boat to watch fireworks. Sophie loved those!
Sophie has also transitioned over to big girl panties. She is doing VERY well with them. We do pull-ups at nap and bed, but all in all the potty training is progressing nicely.
It's a short week and we have a big weekend coming up. It is the 11th annual cancer survivorship walk and Team Sarcoma is ready to go again with 64 team members. We ALWAYS have the biggest team!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Creve Couer Park Saturday morning.

Ready for fun in the sun!

We found a toad with Uncle Mike!

Great photo of the girls!
Just the three of us!
I'm on a boat with Mommy. Lovin' my stylish life jacket!
Yayla (Kayla) and Mike. It is so cute to here her say their names.
First dip in the lake. Sophie, not to keen on it. As you can see.
Ok, this had to rank as the second most bizarre zoo we have been to (Ha Noi takes the cake), but Sophie loved feeding the deer.

Sleeping like an ostrich during nap..

All bundled up on the boat after watching fireworks. She wanted to go night-night so she laid on the floor with some life jackets and went to sleep.

Yes...Sophie is only 1 1/2" tall :-)

The giant banjo in Branson..

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