Sunday, June 21, 2009

Being a Father

Being a father....Never thought I would be able to actually experience it. With all that Tricia and I went through, my first Father's Day was very special. Not only was it awesome it had some very special moments. I was able to watch my daughter with my own eyes. Watch her laugh, play, cry, sing, dance all in one day. One year ago she was half way around the world, not knowing how much her Poppa loved her and missed her, even after just seeing her picture 48 hours before.
As we sat at dinner tonight, she looked over at me, held out her arms wide and said, "Poppa...hug....Poppa hug". WOW! Sophie is a loving little girl, but never had she said that to me. She will give a kiss when asked to, but she really has not just reached out like that to me. That was something I will never forget.
We really had a nice day. No bouncing around from place to place, just enjoying the family and the wonderful humidty here in St. Louis on the first day of summer. I began work yesterday on what will be "Sophie's Garden". A special place with beautiful flowers and that "Rock" we had in our garden last year.
I am very fortunate to be a father to such a wonderful little girl. I thank God each and every day for her. As we put her to bed tonight, I picked her up so she can turn out the "big light", we said night night to "cat that waves", night night to Mr. Binh and night night to Spicy like we always do. She gave me a big squeeze and I thanked her for making me a father. I now know what all the other father's feel like. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Poppa's Angel in the Moon...I love you Sophie!

A good word to live by.....


Anonymous said...

Words from your heart, Hen. I always knew you would be an incredible father and now I can see it in person with our little angel in the moon. God surely blessed all of us with Sophie, but mostly He blessed me with YOU!

Happy 1st Father's Day! I am so very proud of you and enjoy every second as I stand back and watch your loving touches with your daughter. Sophie has been given the best Poppa in the world, other than my Dad. FCH is also watching with pride.


Libby said...

So glad that it was a special day for you!

mommabelz said...

So glad you had a great day Hank. I hope Sophie and I made it special for you. You deserve it. WE HAVE A GREAT DAUGHTER!

Hank said...

You both did make it fun and memorable. ;-)