Friday, June 5, 2009


What a busy week we have had. Last Saturday we had the 11th annual cancer survivors hip walk! Team Sarcoma had a team of 45 people! We rocked our red shirts and walked for those who have survived cancer, those who are battling cancer and those who have unfortunately lost the battle. This is the 5th year for Team Sarcoma and each year our team grows and grows. I would graciously like to thank everyone who participated in the walk this year. It means so much to me.
Grandma (or Sophie calls her Me Ma) and Grandad have spent the entire week with us. And Sophie has had A BLAST! She has had a lot of one on one time with them and they love to spoil their only grandchild. It is amazing how much she had learned in the past week and we love to see how happy she is with them. They took her to Grant's farm and she could not stop talking about horsey and goat's and ducks. Sophie finally got to use her pool that Uncle Bub bought her for Easter and if it was up to her she would sleep in it. So funny because she used to hate water. Just another milestone to write down. She made pudding, meatloaf and tuna salad this week as well. Sunday we went with Uncle Mike and Kayla (Yeahla) to the carnival. She had her first snow cone, rode the carousel and the motorcycles. I almost feel like I have been on vacation this week (well except for the crazy work we I have had) because everything is Me Ma and Da Da. I mean everything! When it's time to potty, eat or bath she wants me to step aside and let Me Ma and Da Da do it.
Sophie continues to amaze us every single day. She speaks very well and can put together a sentence of 4 words. And potty training... wow, a piece of cake.
Poppa has been gone for a couple of days and this is why I called in my parents to help. It's not like I had to twist their arm or anything :) . I have enjoyed watching my parents with her this week and it makes me so happy to see Sophie so happy with them. The joy on my parents face everyday they are with her is priceless and it touches my heart. They have to leave tomorrow and it will be very hard for Sophie as well as me. The time with them is amazing, but it's always hard to say good bye. So thank you Mom and Dad (or Me Ma and Da Da) for being so amazing and for the help.

3 musketeers!

Belz Family

Nap time!


Uncle Bub, Sophie and Mommy

Team Sarcoma


He hasn't done this since I was 2!


Anonymous said...

I love UNCLE LARRY!!! I'm so glad to hear that Sophie is doing so well! I miss you!!!--nikki

Annette said...

That is wonderful that you had so many people supporting you during the cancer survivor walk. That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love those people too...also love to be around them...really enjoyed them Memorial Weekend...

Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time in St Louis. Sophie, we had so much fun playing with you and just enjoying our granddaughter so much. You are such a blessing to us and you have added so much joy to our lives. Celebrating 5 years cancer free for Mommy just added to the many blessings. Just think 5 years ago we had no idea what the future would bring. Then you came into our lives and now we understand why Tricia had the cancer. Mommy and Papa you are awesome parents and watching you with Sophie is the greatest. Seeing you with Uncle Bub and how much you love him and he loves you, we are just so proud to have wonderful kids and a wonderful granddaughter!!!!!

We love you
MeMa and Ganddad