Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Palmettos & Gardens

Sophie and Poppa invaded the Palmetto State the other weekend to visit with Moots and Big Top and help celebrate Moots' birthday. We had a wonderful time and I know we were both tired when we got home. Sophie did very well on the flights.
In SC we enjoying the zoo, swimming, riding in the golf cart around the neighborhood and just having lots of fun! Thanks Moots and Big Top! We had a great time.

Riding in the air-mane


Drawing with Big Top out at dinner.

Moots and SLNB!

Smiles and laughs.

Party time!

Birthday wishes!

Riding the horse at the zoo.

Feeding the Lorikeets...

and the giraffe...Sophie was freaked out...

Water fun in the fountain

Swimming with Moots

Loving life..

Um yeah, that is a TON of newspapers and underneath it, the same amount of cardboard to what is the start to Sophie's flower garden. Hank had to dumpster dive at the recylce center to grab enough newspapers. We were just looking for the coupon to Lowe's :-). Anywho, beginning this fall we will begin planting as soon as everything is composted. We hope our girl will enjoy it for years to come.
Anyone find the Sports section?

Tons of peat moss later, we are composting!


Annette said...

Precious pictures!

I think I saw the Lowe's coupon in the back right corner.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and Sophie for making my bday extra special. Big Top and I loved every second.
BTW - I polished off the chocolate cake :) Oh well, what is an extra pound or two. Actually, it was better than a cigarette!

Love you both!