Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Celebrating Our Independence In Jersey

We had a wonderful trip to Jersey last week to visit my sister Diehnee and the rest of "Team Hognon" as well as spending the 4th with the Duckers who live just South on the Jersey Shores. We kept very busy in Summit, welcoming a new fire engine to the Chatam Township Fire Dept, playing at the children's museum and spending good time with family. Sophie enjoyed meeting Sarah and Jack as well as Uncle Chris. Jack kept Sophie busy the second she arrived! Thanks D and crew we had a blast!
We spent the 3rd-5th with our fellow Holt buddies Rich, Jackie and Mya Ducker whom we share a very special bond with. They were with us at the same time in Viet Nam to be united with their beautiful daughter Mya Grace. The girls had a wonderful time with each other and the parents did as well. We had some wonderful food and laughs with great friends. We plan on keeping the girls in touch as much as possible. Thanks Duckers, it was very special!

Hugs to Aunt Diehnee.....

Being silly with Jack

Piper 5 Alpha Charlie cleared to land runway 30R winds 305 at 6.

I love America!

She could be Miss Viet Nam too...

I make this look GOOD!

Family photo op...

Reunited once again!
Playing on the beach at Surf City
Passed out after the beach...Mya trying to wake her up!

Rich grilled some AWESOME bay scallops and shrimp for dinner

Moms & Daughters

Sunset photo after dinner at the Oyster Creek Inn.

...and a video....


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Sophie and Mya are so cute. it is great that you are keeping in touch with them, what a great friendship they will have. Glad everyone had a great time. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.
Love you so much.

MeMa and Gandad

Jess and Joe said...

Adorable photos and video! Looks like a great time!

Annette said...

That is such a cute video of the girls! I'm glad you guys were able to meet up again.


Libby said...

Glad you guys had fun!

Thomas and Cathy said...

Great pics! Sounds like a fun 4th of July weekend! Glad you were able to get the girls together!

Stevens Family said...

What a crack up! They are so darn cute!! Looks like you all had a great weekend. So nice to see the girls together.