Monday, July 13, 2009

Rosebud Camp out

This past Saturday we went to the annual Rosebud Camp out. Our friend, Uncle Mike, has a place in Rosebud Mo. that is perfect for camping, swimming and fishing and he has made this trip an annual trip for friends.
This year we had an extra guest... Sophie. Originally I was just going to take Sophie out there to swim and hang out and then take her home. BUT, we got there and she was having so much fun and it wasn't to hot that we decided to stay. So........she is a full blown camper now. She slept in a tent, pee'd in the woods and even slept on a blow up mattress! We are very proud of her and she amazes us more and more each day. She even got to fish a little.

She got a big one!

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Hank said...

That was one big fish that she caught :-)