Thursday, July 23, 2009

Requesting Your Voices

Currently the immunization and sibling age exemptions for children adopted in a non-Hague country are not applicable to those children adopted in a Hague country. This unintended consequence was an oversight of the Intercountry Adoption Act and not the intent of the authors.

As a result, adoptive families are being delayed in bringing their children home and having to stay in the country additional time. In some instances, children are having multiple shots for immunization just prior to boarding the plane.

Senate Bill 1376 has been introduced in the Senate to correct this problem and urgent action is required to pass this legislation immediately so adoptions will not continue to be disrupted.
Please contact your Member of Congress and encourage your friends and family to join you in this effort. Contact your Member and urge them to give this matter the high priority that it deserves.

You can review further details at Holt's Advocacy and Legislation website here:

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of children and families!

On the Belz front....We are keeping very busy at this time with a NEW post coming very soon.....stay tuned! Sorry for the lack of updates, but since it has been OCTOBER weather in July here we are taking FULL advantage of the cool weather.

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