Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Even Total Strangers Celebrate Tricia

It never ceases to amaze us. People we do not event know have heard or read about Tricia and her amazing victories with Leiomyosarcoma and honor her for it. A friend of my oldest sister in NJ was in a run a few weeks ago and wore Tricia's name on the back of his shirt.
We are approaching the final days until the Cancer Survivorship Walk here in St. Louis. Team Sarcoma has a total of 32 walking. Tricia's total fund raising on her own have totalled almost $2,000 which is 2/3 of the total team goal! We thank all of those who have donated, either online or by sending us donations. There is still time too! We are able to accept donations until May 28th. Every dollar donated helps those living with cancer and their families. At the top of the blog is the CHIP IN button. Just click away. We will post pictures of the team and the events either Saturday night or Sunday.
On the adoption front, all is still quiet. We are awaiting more news from Holt on the status of affairs between the VN . We know that they are advocating that ALL families that have dossiers in by 7/1/08 be allowed to finalize their adoption even if there is no referral by the MOU expiration date on 9/1/08. We though, remain optimistic that we will have a referral by 9/1. As soon as we have news that is allowed for public distribution we will let everyone know!


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Obsessedwithlife said...

Hi-I'm Rachel (the Honorary Team Ambassador from the Wellness Community walk). I just wanted to say hi since I did not get a chance to today. My cancer was a form of sarcoma. Thanks so much for putting a team together for the walk!

My blog is iamobsessedwithlife.blogspot.com